The problem: For the maker community (designers, artists, DIY enthusiasts), documenting the process is no less important than the final piece. Yet this may turn out to be a real pain when you are short of a helping hand. Pausing every now and then to take photos disrupts the work flow. Holding the camera in one hand and the work piece in the other results in narrow angle shots. Unclean hands also adds to the reluctance.

I designed Hex to help remove such hassles from capturing how something is made.

Concept sketches


sueduong_sketch folio1-2017_08

Product presentation

sueduong_Hex camera_2

sueduong_Hex camera_

sueduong_Hex camera_3

The project’s main focus is physical and digital interface of a consumer product. Various principles were studied and applied to achieve a simplified interface while ensuring functionality.

Below is a short demo of how to take a video using voice control and customise commands:


Thank you.


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