My Christmas crafts stall

It has become a personal tradition that every year I design and sell a product. It started in 2012 with pocket and wall calendars which were distributed online to my friends and family.

Mock-up stall set up at home. Photo credit: Kim Vy Ngo.

In December 2016, I decided to take a leap by setting up a crafts stall at a street market. I targeted the Christmas market with gift ideas such as handmade notebook, leather accessories and interactive cards.


Interactive Christmas cards with pull-out tabs

The cards have simple push-and-pull mechanism. Pulling out the tabs simultaneously you will find space to write your message; push them in and the card returns to a compact 13 x 10cm size. On the front there are plywood and acrylic ornaments. The cards come in 3 colours (white, red and green) and several ornament designs (Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas trees etc). Each unit is marked with my personal stamp.


My friend Tuan Bui contributed to my stall his handmade notebooks, leather pouches and kaleidoscopes. A recent Industrial Design graduate, he enjoys book binding and leather working.

Handmade notebooks by Tuan Bui. Photo credit: Kim Vy Ngo.

This project has taught us lessons about design and business. The long hours spent in the workshop and at the market have also become unforgettable memories. It was really hard work, but customers’ fascination and positive feedback made it so worthwhile.

More than anything else, these personal projects have helped keep my design spirit alive in the past 4 years. Seeing the delight that my creations bring to people’s faces boosts my confidence and motivates me to try new things and put myself out there even more. I can’t wait to be back again this year with more exciting products. See you soon!


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