Objects of attachment


This toolbox offers storage space for a 3D printer and some hand tools. The idea was to create a “mobile factory”: with all essential equipment in one place, I can design and make things at home, at university and anywhere in between.


Earlier in the semester we started working on a 3D printer. The toolbox should improve functionality and portability of the machine, be easily stored and is suitable for my daily travel modes (walking and taking public transport).


The big compartment contains the printer and hand tools are stored in the smaller one. Interchangeable lid and strap allow me to carry each compartment separately. Materials: plywood, acrylic, fabric. Most of these are recycled.

Sitting at a desk, I can access tools easily.


The compact form is ideal for limited space in the studio, at home and on public transport. The square flat top also provides extra working space, and can even be a seat in case the train or studio gets too crowded.




Accessory: marker and tool holder

                          sueduong_objects-of-attachment_15   sueduong_objects-of-attachment_16

Model making

Thank you!




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