Maker’s Mark

In this 3-week university project I was asked to create a mark that represents my unique qualities as a designer and an individual.

The attributes I want others to see in me include: sustainability, ambition, flexibility, diligence and simplicity.

The process:

Idea generation

sueduong_maker's mark_01

sueduong_maker's mark_02

Cardboard and eraser carved mock-ups

Tested with ink on paper

sueduong_maker's mark_09-1

Laser cut boxboard. Final changes were made.

sueduong_maker's mark_11

sueduong_maker's mark_14.1

Final stamping tool. Dimension: 30 x 30 x 14mm. Laser cut on clear acrylic sheet.

The chosen concept revolves around the idea of “A small fish in a big ocean”, which is how I feel as I step into the world as a young adult and designer. It is inspired by my starsign Pisces, associated with compassion, intuitiveness and imagination. Clean lines and geometric shapes illustrate my favour for elegant and down-to-earth designs. Sustainability is embodied in the nature-related image of a fish. Intuitively I also feel most connected to this concept.

Thanks for watching!


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