[Diary] 30.07.2016


If you spend enough time away, home feels a bit different when you come back. It’s like looking at these same old things through a fresher lens. The landscape and this Aussie accent start to fascinate me again. I’m happy just to breathe this air. Even the CBD crowd feels comforting. And after Malaysian public transport I never complain about Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses again. The only downfall is, having spent 6 weeks under the tropical sun I sort of underestimated the cold back home, so now I regret not dressing warm enough.

I wonder if this is one of the reasons why people travel, to appreciate home?

The quiet is unfamiliar though. Throughout the past 6 weeks I’ve got used to always having friends around and all those 2am conversations. Now that I’m back to being on my own again, it feels a bit empty to be honest.

I sat close to some Malaysians on the bus this morning. Their accent especially that “It’s okay la” brought a smile to my face.


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