STITCH – The eco stapler

Client: Camon Stationery is a Melbourne based stationery supplier. Their products are not only highly functional but also inspirational in the working and studying environments. (Please note this client is fictional since students are allowed to write their own brief for the project)

They require the design of an environmentally friendly stapler which eliminates the use of metal clips. Through this design, Camon envisions stationery products that care for the environment.


Concept sketches


STITCH the eco stapler cuts out a small strip of paper and a slit. The strip is bent over and fastened into the slit. STITCH has an ergonomic design that fits home, school and office.

Benefits include: no metal and paper waste, child safe, cost effective (since no stapler refills are needed) and reusable.

“Hero” rendering and presentation
3D printed non-functional prototype

This folio was selected to be exhibited in Top Designs 2016 as part of VCE Season of Excellence – an annual 3-month showcase of the best high school students’ works across the state. For more information on Top Designs please visit

Thank you for watching.


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