Earth Hour character designs

The Unplugger – final design

The Unplugger is one of my entries to Tat Den Bat Y Tuong (my translation: Lights off, Ideas on) – an annual design competition promoting Earth Hour in Vietnam.

2015 brief was to create characters that represent 3 aspects of environmental conservation: Reducing, Recycling and Tree Planting.

On a day-to-day basis, energy consumption can be seen in the frequency of charging electronic devices. I observed how often people charge their phones, tablets and laptops. I was startled to find out that my aunt had never switched off her iPhone since she had bought it almost a year earlier. A thought came to me that maybe it is beneficial if we reduce the use of these gadgets.

Original drawing

The Unplugger attracts chargers and cables to its body the way magnets attract iron. These wires cover its whole body, revealing only the eyes. It reminds me of Medusa’s hair sometimes but I think Unplugger looks more friendly than menacing. This character encourages people to save energy by unplugging and switching off electronic devices. Such simple behavioural change is at the core of Earth Hour. It does not only reduce demand on the planet’s resources but also gives us a break.


Photoshop mock-ups of Unplugger being applied on different products

Winning designs were printed on a range of merchandise which were sold for fundraising purposes. I was thrilled that Unplugger was among the top 10 best designs and received Third Prize in its category.

Below: my other entries to the competition


Thank you for watching!


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